Digicams Starting To Look Like Phones?


2013 will be a year for greater and much more advanced technology. People are getting more and more demanding with their gadgets and companies are trying to give the people their wants and needs. This goes the same with digital cameras. Ed Lee , group director of Info Trends Worldwide Consumer and Professional Imaging Services lets us in on what’s to be expected in the camera scene this 2013. “Wi-Fi connectivity will make its way into more cameras this year. In 2012, 23 cameras were announced with Wi-Fi connectivity, almost double the number that were introduced between 2005 and 2011.” This is already quite evident since a lot of people are already using their smart phones for taking photos and immediately uploading it on social networking sites to be seen by people online. This task can not be done by just a regular digital phone alone. Keep an eye on these cameras with wifi this year if you are one of the many who can’t wait to share their photos to everyone online!