Mini Digicam As Polaroid


What do you know? Polaroid still exists! It’s been a long long time since the market has offered this one step – instant cameras but Hongkong based design group CARBON has created an interesting take on polaroids. It even looks looks exactly like one! This novelty digital camera is a replica of the Polaroid SX-70. The housing is very retro but what’s inside is really a 5-Megapixel digital camera. What it does is, when it’s paired with a PictBridge printer, it produces polaroid style photos. It also supports MicroSD card with  memory up to 32GB. You can transfer files the normal way by plugging the camera to your computer via a USB. The photos will appear with the signature white frame that the polaroid is well known for. The good part is, you need not shake it to make the photo dry. This camera is a perfect Christmas gift to loved ones. It is affordable and runs with just 2 AA Batteries.